A Great Place to Hang Out

Ella Green has been coming to Mossom Creek hatchery since she was a very small child.  From the beginning it was a fun and interesting place to explore as she accompanied her mom, Tracy Green (current BIMES President).  (It is just so beautiful!)  As the years have passed, Ella has personally become very involved with […]

School Groups Galore!

by Cleone Todgham and Cecily Baptist It’s been an active, noisy Spring at Mossom Creek as hundreds of students experienced nature directly. “I found the spleen!” (Grade 11 student, while dissecting a salmon) “Uh, things inside the slimy ball are moooooving!” (Grade 2 student, while using hydroscope to watch a salamander egg mass) “Male and female […]

Natural beauty

It’s all in the details. Walking around Mossom Creek, most of us notice the trees. (They are hard to miss!) The next time you visit the Hatchery, take a moment to stroll around the area and look closely at the smaller plants. How many berry producing plants can you find, such as salmonberry, elderberry, or […]

100,000 Hungry Little Fish

Thanks to Cecily Baptiste and Neil Laffra for putting this article together.   Mossom Creek Hatchery released over 100,000 fry this spring: – 31,000 Pinks were released in February – 76,600 Chum were released in April – 3,500 Coho will be released in May       Numerous volunteers participate in the “egg takes” when […]

Pinks Graduate

Another milestone has been reached since the reconstruction of Mossom Creek Hatchery.  The first set of eggs, raised in the new facility, have graduated to the ‘Capilano’ troughs where they will spend another week or so before being released into the estuary.   This batch (some 34,000 Pinks) have been in the incubation room since […]

You Only Care About…. What You Know About

Turning over rocks, wading in a stream, collecting small little bits and bobs that turn out to be amazing creatures when viewed through a magnifier … all in a day’s experience for a group of appreciative students from Anmore.   James McConville’s 7/8 grade class from Eagle Mountain Middle School recently spent a day at […]

Especially for educators

Teachers from 13 schools recently attended an Open House at the Mossom Creek Hatchery.  The new facility is an ideal location for a wide variety of activities where students can personally engage in the natural world around them. Under the leadership of Program Coordinator, Cleone Todgham, curriculum based, experiential  programs will be available for student […]

Updated: Miranda Andersen wins 2015 Nature Inspiration Award

Congratulations to Mossom Creek volunteer Miranda Andersen, recipient of the 2015 Nature Inspiration Award from The Canadian Museum of Nature.  This national award includes a $5000 prize.  Inspired by her experiences as a volunteer at the Hatchery, Miranda is donating the prize to the Mossom Creek program. ‘Think globally, act locally’ is a commonly heard […]

Fall egg take!

Photographs and Story by Brian Henke The following story and photographs are from an egg take at the Alouette River, followed by pictures of the subsequent egg fertilization at Mossom Creek Hatchery on October 28th, 2015.              

Planning New Programs

How do you take the best from the past 40 years and extend it to a wider community? As Mossom Creek Hatchery settles into its new facility, the Board of Directors is defining their vision for the future. As part of that process, the Board recently hired Cleone Todgham for a three month term as […]