Updated: Miranda Andersen wins 2015 Nature Inspiration Award

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Congratulations to Mossom Creek volunteer Miranda Andersen, recipient of the 2015 Nature Inspiration Award from The Canadian Museum of Nature.  This national award includes a $5000 prize.  Inspired by her experiences as a volunteer at the Hatchery, Miranda is donating the prize to the Mossom Creek program.

‘Think globally, act locally’ is a commonly heard phrase; encouraging individuals to engage rather than simply give up when faced with the gloom of newspaper headlines.  Miranda Andersen’s definition of ‘local’ covers quite a bit of the world and at age 16 she’s well on her way to realizing her goals.

The producer of eight films, an effective advocate, and a gifted speaker; Miranda is an active spokesperson for our environment.  Her earliest award winning film featured Ruth Foster and the Hatchery.  Miranda was only 9 when the film won the “My Hero” award.  She has gone on to produce films about a number of critical environmental issues including coral reef conservation, deforestation, and plastic pollution.

In addition to films and public speaking, Miranda strives to reach a broad audience through her blog and new website (www.enufsaid.ca).    The website is inspiring as well as practical; including her films, thoughtful essays, and lesson plans.  Her objective:  “I want to inspire other kids to become active and I want to create opportunities for other people to directly connect to nature.”

Congratulations again to Miranda, a creative and effective spokesperson for the environment.

Miranda presenting a cheque to Mossom Creek volunteers
Miranda presenting a cheque to Mossom Creek volunteers in December.


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