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Teachers from 13 schools recently attended an Open House at the Mossom Creek Hatchery.  The new facility is an ideal location for a wide variety of activities where students can personally engage in the natural world around them. Under the leadership of Program Coordinator, Cleone Todgham, curriculum based, experiential  programs will be available for student groups of all ages from April 18 – June 24.  Thanks to a wonderful grant from BC Hydro we are able to offer programs at 75% less than the regular cost.

Here is how Cleone described the Mossom Teacher Open House that took place January 23rd:

“What a fantastic day! Ruth Foster, Rod McVicar, Tracy Green and I had a chance to really talk with teachers about how they would like to use the centre and how we can help them.  We had stations set up to show the tools that we have for having students experience nature- aquatic insects dipping; Salmon Wheel of life with life cycle vials and a salmon to dissect, class set of binoculars, mammal programs with skins, skulls and scat, art programs that may use a real fish tail as a brush and much more.  After the presentation and lunch, teachers signed up for spring programs.

The hatchery and local watershed is a place where one can personally touch, smell, hear, observe, and breathe nature…and those experiences are ever lasting.  “We can’t wait to get the students out with the teachers and watch their eyes sparkle as they taste a licorice fern root, look at a stonefly nymph through a magnifying lens, listen and touch the forest with a blindfold on or experience a sleep over.

For more information, please check the website or email  

Click on the image below to see more photos from the day:
Teacher Open House 2016

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