Our ‘Rebuild’ Heroes

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Mossom Creek Hatchery’s new building is nearing completion and it is already a star – a perfect match of function and appearance. As with any success, the real story is in the ‘behind the scenes’ production. In this case, the tale is studded with examples of teamwork, exceptional generosity, and strong organization.

Generally it takes over a year to complete all the ‘invisible’ work before builders can pour the first bit of cement. Those behind the scenes tasks (design, geotechnical assessment, environmental report, development permits, insurance resolution, budgets, estimates, tendering, contract awards, excavation, site preparation, plumbing, electrical) are lengthy, technical, and critical to the end result. Thanks to experienced management and amazing partnerships, the ‘prelude’ to the new hatchery’s construction was complete and the first concrete was poured just eight months after the fire.

shovelsPresenting the Mossom Creek Hatchery’s

Golden List of Heroes

– City of Port Moody: Not only did the City contribute $10,000, they waived the fees for development and construction. They also loaned  the Hatchery a  trailer which has served as construction headquarters since January.  Various individuals in the Fire Department, Planning and Building Department, and the City Engineering Department provided excellent support throughout the project.
– Gaetan Royer CityState/Royer Design (Building Designer): Gaetan worked closely with the Mossom Creek community, reflecting their collective vision for the new building from conceptual design through to the final details.
– Phoenix Structural Engineering (Building Engineer): Prepared the full working and engineering drawings required for the City’s building permit.
– Pacific Blasting: Performed the demolition of the old hatchery building that was destroyed in the fire.
– Super Save Disposal: Removed the demolition debris from the site with effective waste management practices, establishing a remarkable 97% recycle rate for the materials.
– SNC Lavalin Environment and Water: Produced a comprehensive environmental report for the Mossom Creek area. This work was critical in forming the cornerstone of the Development Permit Application. This application is required by the City before approval of any replacement building on site.  They also put together a Construction Environmental Management Plan for the project.
– Valley Geotechnical: Performed the ground and soil assessment. This ensured the site could be properly prepared for the new building’s load and provided the Structural Engineer with design criteria for the new building.
– Papove Professional Land Surveying: Donated a significant cost discount when preparing the required site survey drawings (required for the Development Permit Application). The surveys detailed the original site (building and hatchery equipment) as well as the proposed location of the new building. These surveys were needed to ensure the new building fit the footprint of the original building.
– RDH Building Engineering Ltd: Donated their services for designing the building’s ‘Envelope’ (protective wall, floor and ceiling layers), effectively buffering and insulating the building.  They also offered construction details, design, and product recommendations, assisting in the overall performance of the building to reflect our sustainability goals.
– Raider Hansen: Donated significant amounts of tools, equipment and fasteners for the project.
– Spence Trucking: Provided superior support: preparing the site for the new building, excavating the site for the foundation, installing boulder retaining walls, and assisting with the installation of the holding tank facility.
– Hughes Trucking: The Hughes family donated all the hauling of the new gravel required for the construction of the new facility and hauled excavated material away from site.
– Jack Cewe Ltd: Donated all the aggregate material for roads, site preparation and drainage.
– Thistle Plumbing: The Wotherspoon family donated all the plumbing labour for the domestic and hatchery requirements and provided materials at cost. This work was required from the commencement of the project to tie in our water intake system for future use and ensure that all plumbing was in ground before the start of construction. Of particular mention is our star plumber, Cameron Wotherspoon who installed all the plumbing.  Cameron was the founder of Thistle Plumbing and  passed the company operation along to his son Neil upon his retirement.

Result: On August 17th (just eight months after the fire) the first concrete was poured and a ‘star’ was born.

When you visit the new building, you may not immediately notice the work performed by this incredible list of partners. Yet their dedicated and generous support was absolutely critical to building the new center. They deserve our resounding thanks and appreciation.

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