Our Rebuild Heroes (2)

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hatchery april 2ndThe Mossom Creek Hatchery has a new home. The building’s Occupancy Permit was granted March 31, 2015, just 15 short months after the loss of the original facility.

The construction of this beautiful, functional building is a tale of outstanding partnership. Numerous companies have contributed their expertise throughout the construction and finishing of the new building. Large donations were made in materials, labour, and adjusted costing. In “Heroes – Part One” we recognized the many firms who were responsible for the initial site clearing, surveying, planning, and pre-construction work. Now we look at the over 40 firms that were involved in building and completing the physical structure. It is a long list of distinguished partners and these brief descriptions only touch the surface of their large donations, experienced advice, and quality work.

Old Field Creek Fish Hatchery logoPresenting the Mossom Creek Hatchery’s
Golden List of Building Heroes

Part 2

LaFarge has been an outstanding partner in the ‘rebuild’, reflecting their corporate philosophy of environmental sustainability and education. All components of the hatchery’s concrete work were donated by LaFarge: the first floor’s base, walls, and ceiling. They consistently worked to minimize any impact to the environment as they worked at the site._MG_2579_Jul30_2014

Rebo Beton was brought in to pump the concrete (walls, decks, floors). Their crew also placed the floor for the hatchery and second floor educational centre.

John Caterino installed all the steel formwork for the first floor. They completed their job in just over a day. This component assisted us in creating an enclosed concrete shell for the hatchery. Bailey Metal Products was the supplier of the steel formwork and studs for the first floor.

Richform Construction Supply supplied the trench drains for the hatchery floor drainage.

Harris Rebar responded to concerns about the effect of iron rebar’s magnetic field on the salmon. They installed stainless steel re_MG_5727_Oct03_2014bar which has a significantly reduced magnetic effect in the concrete walls. This was done to address a study on the impact of reinforcing steel on the earth’s magnetic field which the salmon use to navigate back to their original rearing area.

George Third & Sons supplied and installed all the structural steel (columns and beams) as well as the stairs from the hatchery to the second floor.

Kingston Construction took on the construction of the educational centre (the building’s second floor). They installed the wood beams, columns, framing, exterior walls, and roof structure. They also did the dry wall work in the educational centre. The installation of clear hemlock in the interior ceiling and exterior deck ceiling is already receiving many compliments.

Harbourview Electric installed all the electrical equipment (wiring the building for the hatchery equipment, power supplies, and lighting). The focus was on sustainability, using LED lights throughout. Innovative systems were installed including a solar timer for the lighting in the hatchery. They also were able to add another partner, Simplex/Grinnell, who donated the fire alarm system._MG_5773_Oct06_2014

POCO Building Supplies was our source for all the miscellaneous (and critical) materials from wood to nails. They also coordinated the supply of structural wood beams and purlins for the roof structure from Taiga Building Products.

Tri City Garage Doors supplied and installed the doors to the hatchery.

Conway Roofing installed the waterproof membrane for the exterior decking floor.

Done Right Painting with District Council 38 and Finishing Trades Institute of B.C. donated all the labour for painting the new building, inside and out.

Cloverdale Paint and Benjamin Moore Paint donated all the paints used in the new building.

Select Roofing supplied and installed all the roofing materials and insulation._MG_5785_Oct08_2014

Soprema donated the roof water protection membranes and drainage roof mats for the ‘green’ roof.

Architek Engineering Solutions supplied and installed the soil and plants for the new ‘green’ roof.

Greenlite Glass Systems supplied the technology and coordination for the fire rated floor system for the second floor deck and the glass floor which allows views from the second floor deck down into the hatchery. This glass floor also increases the amount of natural light for the fry.  Altech Custom Coaters, and Vetrotech assisted in the supply of the materials for the glass deck.

Northview Glass, District Council 38, the Finishing Trades Institute of B. C., and Phoenix Truck and Crane donated the labour and equipment to install the glass deck.  Northview Glass also installed the windows and glass doors.

Cascadia Windows supplied the second floor windows and glass doors.

OMB Architects donated services for designing the interior finishes including, kitchen, shelving, furniture layout, material selection aThis photo was taken February 25, 2015nd colours.

Dyson provided low watt, paperless, hand driers for the washrooms.

Source Flooring and their supplier Nora Systems installed the interior floors.

JNR Cabinets installed the kitchen cabinets and shelving units for the educational centre.

Coast Wholesale Appliances donated all the kitchen appliances.

Workplace Resources donated high quality office furniture and cabinets.

First Choice Security installed all the security monitoring systems (camera, alarms, and motion detectors). They also installed the educational support systems (projectors and screens).

Pentair Aquatics Eco-System installed full monitoring controls to support off-site monitoring of the fish incubators, tubs, and troughs. Volunteers and students will now be able to monitor temperature, flow, and turbidity for optimal management of the egg and fry environment.

Noons Creek Enterprises donated the Fire Safety Plan for the Hatchery.

Artistix donated window cleaning and pressure washing services.

No Limit Landscaping are installing the Wetland Area, at reduced cost.

Four Seasons Insulation assisted with insulating the building.

Shane and Jane Peachman donated the holding tank alarm monitoring system.

These firms deserve wide recognition and appreciation for their support and for the outstanding quality of their work.  Mossom Creek Hatchery is again operational, thanks to our partners.

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