It’s not about raising fish… educator Rod MacVicar

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Rod MacVicar speaks to ecovillage about the roots of the Mossom Creek Hatchery and the efforts to educate children through hands on experiences in nature.

When asked about the start of the hatchery, he had these words to share –  “It’s not about fish (…) several people working here thought it was really about raising fish, and that we would count our success by the amount of fish that we put out, and whether we got back to historic numbers.  But it isn’t about that, it’s about raising children and letting them experience things, work with things.  You only care about what you know about (…) that’s why I did it as an educator, but as a biologist, it wasn’t about fish.”

Click on the video to hear more about the Mossom Creek Hatchery education centre and salmon!

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