Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society hatches a new education centre

For Immediate Release                                                        Port Moody, BC – May 20, 2015 Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society hatches a new education centre After 17 months of planning and construction, the newly built Mossom Creek Hatchery & Education Centre, is set to open its doors this week. A fire in December 2013 completely destroyed the hatchery building and […]

The Fish Are Here!

Some 47,200 chum fry were welcomed to Mossom Creek Hatchery on Wednesday, March 18th, thanks to delivery by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Alouette River Hatchery, the facility that reared them for Mossom.  A second batch of 50,000 is expected shortly, as well as 5000 coho. The hatchery will begin releasing the chum into […]

Coquitlam Students Working Hard for Salmon

by  Diane Strandberg, The Tri-City News posted Nov 13, 2014 at 2:00 PM— updated Nov 14, 2014 at 10:53 AM Centennial secondary school teacher Melanie Mattson with some of the members of the school’s Salmon Project Club at the Mossom Creek Hatchery, which is under construction after a devastating fire last December. The students are helping […]

Wild Discovery at Mossom

While construction is underway at the Mossom Creek Hatchery site, there are ever present reminders of the amazing wildlife that this pristine watershed supports.  Construction crew, supervisors and hatchery volunteers encounter creatures on a daily basis.  Check out these wild finds the month of October 2014 A tiny wild visitor spotted by one of the construction […]

Swamp Lanterns a.k.a Skunk Cabbage

Originally published by the Tri City News. Otherworldly, they rise like luminous golden flames from the swamp’s black ooze. And, unmistakably, there is something in the air.  Here on the wet coast there is no surer sign of spring.   Skunk cabbages, modest of moniker but fabulous in form, once again decorate our lowland wet spots […]

Liking the Lichen

Finding big ragged pieces of Lungwort lichen in the Mossom Creek watershed reveals two things.  One, it has been windy recently.  Two, the air quality in the Lower Mainland is improving. Lobaria pulmonaria, like all lichens, is extremely sensitive to pollutants in the air.  It used to be that I could not find such lichen […]