The Fish Are Here!

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Some 47,200 chum fry were welcomed to Mossom Creek Hatchery on Wednesday, March 18th, thanks to delivery by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Alouette River Hatchery, the facility that reared them for Mossom.  A second batch of 50,000 is expected shortly, as well as 5000 coho. The hatchery will begin releasing the chum into Mossom Creek and other nearby creeks within a few weeks, thus continuing the salmon’s cycle in Mossom Creek.

Coincidentally, students from Centennial School Salmon Project did their very first egg take from the Alouette River, collecting some 38,000 chum eggs in 1978 – a nice link from the past to the ‘rebuild’.

After months of planning, construction, and final preparation, the Hatchery is back in business. However, it hasn’t been a lost year. Rather, it’s been another chapter in the hatchery’s purpose… education!  So many people (students, neighbours, community organizations and individuals from all over the province) have participated in an extraordinary year – building a new hatchery and even, more importantly, continuing the core tradition of education through involvement. It’s truly been a remarkable year.

Thanks to all who made this day possible!

Rod MacVicar and Jacqueline Cheung (LaFarge Environment Coordinator) examine chum fry.

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