A Cougar for Mossom Creek Education Centre

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In 43 years no volunteer at Mossom has ever seen a cougar in the watershed. Yet about once a month we record one on the trail cams placed in the forest.

Several years ago, we let the BC Conservation Service know that if a cougar has to be destroyed somewhere in the province we would value the opportunity to have it prepared as a mount for community educational purposes. This past year we finally got the go-ahead. A young female cougar that had to be put down will have a second life in our centre. The Rotary Club of Port Moody has generously donated $1,000 to fund the first step of the taxidermy, the process of tanning the hide. That takes about a year and has already begun. We will need at least $2,000 more to get the cougar mounted and ready to exhibit.

Help us educate school kids and get a $2,000 donation receipt.

Mossom Creek Hatchery is seeking a donor to cover the remaining taxidermy cost of this cougar mount. Imagine a professionally preserved cougar prominently displayed in front of the room above the screen in our Education Centre. We host classes, Salmon Sunday presentations, meetings, and strategic planning sessions on a year-round basis. We even host weddings and sleep-overs for class and camp groups in our beautiful facility. We need a generous donor to help us preserve and display this stunning cougar. BIMES will arrange a photo opportunity and media release.

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