A Conversation with Founders Rod MacVicar and Ruth Foster

“Nature is for education.  Walk along a brook, listen to the babbling sound, look around, observe.   Being in the field instills an appreciation, understanding, and love for what’s around you.”  (Rod MacVicar). This philosophy is the basis for Rod MacVicar and Ruth Foster’s innovative, educational  leadership for the past 40+ years.   In 1976 Rod and […]

The Fish Are Here!

Some 47,200 chum fry were welcomed to Mossom Creek Hatchery on Wednesday, March 18th, thanks to delivery by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Alouette River Hatchery, the facility that reared them for Mossom.  A second batch of 50,000 is expected shortly, as well as 5000 coho. The hatchery will begin releasing the chum into […]

A Fish on the Roof

Question: How do you make a 25 foot long, flat, green salmon? Answer: Get a big, sloped, solid roof. Add 24 tons of growth medium of lava, pumice and other good stuff. Bring in a half dozen experts to plant the perfect plants, with an emphasis on the fish shape. Wait for summer. The Hatchery’s roof has […]