Volunteers Needed!

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We are looking for help in the following areas.

Water Quality Data Logger management

We have 4 Water Temperature Data loggers installed by DFO. These need to be inspected monthly and data uploaded to cell phone and sent to DFO. Volunteer training available for this very important task. Simple, interesting work can be done at any time once creek levels are at summer levels.

Membership management:

A volunteer(s) to greet visitors and if interested signing them up as members. Help needed every Sunday at our open house.

Hatchery Manager

Looking for a volunteer who is interested in learning all about fish care and raising salmon. Amazing opportunity we can train you all we need is some time commitment.

Education Program Manager

If you are retired or working part time as a teacher and are interested in outdoor environmental education and working with young folks do we have a great opportunity for you. This is a salaried position. We hope to start up our programs again the fall of 2022.

One Drive computer management

Volunteer needed to manage our one drive data storage system. Nothing fancy just making sure all our documents are uploaded and stored/filed properly on one drive. Lots of training available.
Completely flexible hours.
Please contact Kevin Ryan at kevin_ryan@telus.net

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