The Chum Are Back. Egg Take Planned!

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The wait is over.  Chum have returned to Mossom Creek, no doubt encouraged by recent rain events and the consequent higher water level in the stream.   Only a  few spawners have been spotted in the lower reaches of the creek so far.  Yet we have had encouraging reports of some chum venturing much farther upstream than we have hitherto seen them do so, in fact more than half way up to the hatchery from Ioco Road.   We are fortunate this year to have a skilled volunteer doing meticulous weekly spawner inventories.  We look forward to a wealth of information about the numbers and distribution of Mossom spawners.

So far, no egg takes have been scheduled on Mossom Creek as the run has just begun.  However,  we will be involved in egg takes for Mossom on the Alouette River in November.  Weather and fish permitting, the Centennial School students will be doing an egg take there on November 4th and  the BIMES adult and family volunteers will be out there for a second egg take for Mossom on November 9th.   For more information, watch for a group e-mail or contact Ruth Foster (

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