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road salt and salmon

This 5-year collaborative project seeks to study, in depth, the potential impacts of road salt usage on Pacific salmon habitat, benthic invertebrates and Pacific salmon across the various stages of their lifecycle.  Partners involved in the project include UBC, SFU, BCIT, PSEC, Stoney Creek Environmental Committee, local Streamkeepers as well as other city and municipal partners.  Faculty, staff, and grad students plan to share the results of their research to advocate for improved regulation of road salt application in Canada and internationally.

Mossom Creek was chosen as a baseline example of an urban creek with minimal road salt impact. All expectations are that Mossom Creek will continue to provide researchers with important data on what a healthy watershed should look like.


vicki Guzikowski, Project Manager

vicki Guzikowski, Project Manager

Vicki is a volunteer Streamkeeper who is managing the Road Salt and Salmon project for BIMES. This role involves leading volunteer field research teams in semi-annual benthic invertebrate sampling and juvenile fry trapping. She also oversees the quarterly calibration and data download from real-time conductivity loggers located instream at Mossom Creek.