Update from Ruth Foster

On behalf of the volunteers at the Mossom Creek Hatchery, I wish to express profound gratitude for the surge of community kindness since last Wednesday’s fire. City of Port Moody council and staff have backed us from the instant we called in the blaze that quickly turned our beloved hatchery and environmental education centre into […]

Fire Destroys Mossom Creek Hatchery

You have probably recently learned of the fire that has destroyed our beloved hatchery. The only items that survived are our coho smolts, the two tubs, and the raingear shed. There is a black and white photo of myself viewing the smoldering rubble. Thanks to our new volunteer, Neil Laffra, the photo sums up how […]

End of the Year at Mossom Creek.

The Mossom watershed is beautiful in the winter season. If you arrive early on a nippy morning, you might see something quite special on some pieces of dead wood by the gravel roadside. This ephemeral phenomenon could be called ‘candy floss frost’ or ‘Santa Claus whiskers’. You might be able to suggest another name. This […]