Outdoor exploring at Mossom Creek

When news of the pandemic hit in March, restrictions were handed down to limit the number of social interactions in public places. Classes were postponed or moved online, putting Mossom Creek’s decades-old school programs on hold until a safer way of program participation could be established. Our programming team quickly adapted and began working on […]

Join us for an outdoor ed-venture this fall!

The programming team at Mossom Creek Hatchery & Education Centre has been busy planning a NEW fall program for home learners in grades 4-6. The Outdoor Explorer Program is designed to complement the BC Education Curriculum and provide hands-on experiential learning in the Mossom Creek Watershed. The program will provide a once a week nature […]

School Groups Galore!

by Cleone Todgham and Cecily Baptist It’s been an active, noisy Spring at Mossom Creek as hundreds of students experienced nature directly. “I found the spleen!” (Grade 11 student, while dissecting a salmon) “Uh, things inside the slimy ball are moooooving!” (Grade 2 student, while using hydroscope to watch a salamander egg mass) “Male and female […]

‘What’s Next’ with President Tracy Green

In May 2015, Tracy Green was elected President of the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society (Mossom Creek Hatchery). Involved, effective, community focused…these are just a few things that come to mind when talking to Tracy. She works in Marketing and Communications for United Way, is busy with her young family, and yet always finds time to […]

Two Terrific Volunteers!

The New Mossom Creek Hatchery and Educational Centre is open. Building this new facility was a large, complicated undertaking for a volunteer organization, but fortunately the right volunteers with the right skills showed up at just the right time. Of particular note are two individuals who played key roles throughout the construction. Mel Steemson has […]