Wild Discovery at Mossom

While construction is underway at the Mossom Creek Hatchery site, there are ever present reminders of the amazing wildlife that this pristine watershed supports.  Construction crew, supervisors and hatchery volunteers encounter creatures on a daily basis.  Check out these wild finds the month of October 2014 A tiny wild visitor spotted by one of the construction […]

Giant stonefly exoskeletons

Yesterday, our favourite cedar tree by the creek had at least 13 giant stonefly exoskeletons on it. Mossom is well known for its diversity and abundance of aquatic insects – stoneflies, mayflies and caddisflies – plus those bllue-listed tailed frog tadpoles we are always finding when we look for aquatic insects. The presence of these […]

Tailed Frogs in Mossom

The presence of tailed frogs in the Mossom Creek watershed  is a testament to Mossom’s excellent water quality and quantity.  Mossom Creek flows clear and cold year round.  Partially spring fed, it does not dry down significantly in summer.   Its largely intact forest canopy keeps the water well shaded and cool. Pacific Tailed Frogs are […]